The AudioVitality method

AudioVitality is a highly innovative Swiss company with 16 years of customer-oriented experience. AudioVitality has developed a therapeutic technology whose main applications are sports recovery, tinnitus relief, vitalization and well-being.

AudioVitality is not a medical device. AudioVitality is a natural and non-invasive sound therapy technology developed by its R&D team in collaboration with health professionals (ENT specialists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports doctors and sports trainers) and elite athletes.

In Switzerland, the AudioVitality method and its therapists have been recognised as a discipline of complementary medicine by the ASCA, the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine. Its main centre is located in Lausanne since 2021. In France, AudioVitality is located in the heart of the therapy pole of the Centre for hearing care GrandAudition in Paris.

In compliance with the protection of personal data (Switzerland, European Union), AudioVitality systematically collects the sound parameters of the therapies provided, and then correlates them with the customer satisfaction obtained.

AudioVitality technology is available in physical therapy centres and as a mobile App coupled with remote therapy.

  1. Sound settings are chosen according to the individual needs expressed by the client.
  2. AudioVitality specific sounds called RubesaSounds are personalised to each client by the algorithms of the “RubesaSounds Operating System”.
  3. Individual personalisation preferences are stored, optimising the client’s experience from session to session.
  4. AudioVitality measures the therapeutic effects of sound sessions according to recognised standards in each field of application.
  5. The AudioVitality research team, made up of professionals in each field, monitors client satisfaction in real time and improves the therapy in a process of constant innovation. Its members include a doctor in neuroscience who did his doctoral thesis in tinnitus measurement, and several engineers specialised in sound engineering, electronics and mechanics.

AudioVitality has been accompanying clients suffering from tinnitus since its beginnings, determined to offer them the best therapeutic technological solution to bring them relief.

A specific “tinnitus” protocol and patent-protected feature was also developed in 2020, and is outlined below:

  1. The sound parameters are chosen according to the individual needs measured in the tinnitus characterisation before each session.
  2. Sounds are generated according to the data obtained, including preferences for volume control in case of sound hypersensitivity.
  3. AudioVitality measures the effects of the therapy using the international standard called THI – Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (Link).
  4. The evolution of the reported and observed results is systematically shared with the client before and after each therapy session.

AudioVitality research results are available to professionals in the field upon request.

The RubesaSounds have a frequency that involves not only the auditory cortex, but also the somato-sensory cortex, i.e. the whole body. In this sense, they are not just sounds – in the common sense of the word – also but physical, mecanical vibrations.

Depending on the chosen sound frequency, AudioVitality has developed a unique know-how to focus the effect of the vibration on a defined area of the body such as the legs, pelvis, chest or head. To this end, our research team concentrates its action on the subcutaneous distribution of each type of vibration receptor: Pacini’s corpuscles, Meissner’s corpuscles, hair bases. On the other hand, the continuity of the sound stimulus over several minutes leads to neuronal saturation, which favours “letting go” and allows the sounds to unfold their full effectiveness.

RubesaSounds are composed of several frequencies deployed either harmonically or in tension, and can also be neuro-modulated to promote different effects: sleep, rest, relaxation, concentration, focus, arousal, stimulation, or tension. This combination of effects allows AudioVitality in a therapeutic session to focus – sound after sound – on one or more areas of the body with a wide range of neuro-physiological effects.

Details of our RubesaSounds sound technology are available on request for professionals in the field.