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Welcome to the age of technology that enhances your wellbeing and promotes your longevity through sounds and vibration. A unique Swiss technology, natural and non-invasive.

For a better vitality

“An active and busy life can have many impacts on body harmony. Energy and motivation levels, mood and sleep quality – for example – can reveal certain imbalances.

What if technology could improve your wellbeing and reduce your stress?”


with AudioVitality.

The new welltech innovation that improves your wellbeing. Unique structured low frequency sounds that provide deep relaxation while acting on your body. An exclusive technology personalised to each human being, available in our Centers or remotely.

At the AudioVitality Center

In our Center in Lausanne (Switzerland), or in Paris (France), immerse yourself in a regenerating experience of deep relaxation through whole body vibration: the non-invasive stimulation of organs and tissues, both on the surface and deep down, promotes your general wellbeing and your body’s vitality.

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How do we monitor wellbeing?

AudioVitality works with the wellbeing index of the World Health Organization.

Because it allows to measure the treatment outcome, its clinical validity is proven, it is used in many fields (diabetes, depression, oncology…), and it is used in more than 30 countries.

World Heath Organization Wellbeing Index

  • “I have felt cheerful in good spirits”

    The World Health Organization WHO-5 well-being index is a subjective measure of positive dimensions of mental health.

  • “I have felt calm and relaxed”

    It is a brief and robust psychometrically reliable instrument that includes non-invasive questions to assess the subjective well-being of respondents.

  • “I have felt active and vigorous”

    The WHO-5 was first introduced by the WHO Regional Office in Stockholm in 1998. There are about 30 translations available.

  • “I woke up feeling fresh and rested”

    It is derived from the field of health-related quality of life research, to compare the impact of different therapeutic protocols in terms of well-being and quality of life.

  • “My daily life has been filled with things that interest me”

    Its reliability is satisfactory for all countries in general and at important thresholds.

100% Swiss technology

Through innovation, AudioVitality opens up a new field of possibilities around sound vibration – malleable energy for the body and mind. Our teams of sound engineers and scientists work closely with our technology division to offer you a better quality of life – with or without tinnitus.

Download our App, discover our remote therapy

Our neuroscience-based technology is also embedded in an App with remote coaching by an Expert. Reduce your stress or relieve your tinnitus in 3 months.

Meet Amélie


The AudioVitality treatment allows me to reduce my stress and regain the serenity I lost. I feel good in my body and in my head again, I sleep well and I have regained my energy and motivation.

Amélie, 34, Architect,
Geneva, Switzerland

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