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Performance and recuperation are inseparable. The body accumulates biological disturbances during exercise and then restructures itself during the recovery phase. Good vitality cannot be improvised, but AudioVitality will definitely help you to optimise yours.

AudioVitality challenges sport performance limits

AudioVitality’s 100% Swiss technology is rooted in a nation capable of performing effectively in elite sport, competing at the highest Olympic level. AudioVitality offers a strategic advantage to be even more competitive with a natural and non-invasive technology. Better preparation, better performance, better recovery.

Born in Switzerland, the most innovative nation.

For the twelfth time in a row, Switzerland is in 2022 the most innovative economy in the world according to the Global Innovation Index (GII)1. This is great news, as research and innovation always remain a challenge for sport.

At the AudioVitality Center

In our Center in Lausanne (Switzerland), immerse yourself in a regenerating experience of deep relaxation through whole body vibration: the non-invasive stimulation of organs and tissues, both on the surface and deep down, promotes your general well-being and the vitality of your body.

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with AudioVitality today.


Maximise the performance of your body

Our unique structured low frequency sounds provide deep relaxation while acting on your body’s vitality in a targeted way.

A technology that activates the mental and physical components, reduces fatigue feelings, and promotes a high level of energy and motivation.

Meet the AudioVitality sport ambassadors

Meet Sarah Atcho

Swiss sprinter in 100, 200 and 4x 100m, Olympic athlete in Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 and soon Paris 2024.


AudioVitality’s low-frequency sound technology suits me perfectly. After each session, I feel that my body is harmonious, refocused, ready to attack the next training session. What I like most is to feel such positive effects on my body while preserving it and giving it a break.


Meet Noam Yaron
and his challenge for
Water Conservation:

188 km of swimming in 11 days, over 200’000 strokes, 61 hours of cumulative swimming and zero aches.


I’ve always been very sensitive to sound, so when I found out that you could optimise my performance with it, I seized the opportunity! Since I’ve been working with AudioVitality, I’m much closer to my sensations, I perform better and longer!”


Meet Arnaud Gasser

Swiss ski mountaineering team member, top 5 in the Patrouille des Glaciers 2022: Zermatt-Arolla-Verbier in 7 hours, 57.5 km, 4’383 m of positive ascent.


Thanks to the analysis carried out before each session – the Vitality Index – coupled with my own sensations, we were able to target the areas to be treated as a priority after my Covid: the lungs and the leg muscles. After 3 sessions, I had a good level of energy, confirmed by the index and my sensations. A few weeks before the last round of the World Cup and the Patrouille des Glaciers, we were able to gain precious recovery time!


Meet Alexandre Pasche

professional footballer and midfielder at Neuchâtel Xamax, who came to AudioVitality to speed up his recovery after an operation for a detached tendon.


AudioVitality is a great discovery. After my operation on the quadriceps attachment and a break of 4.5 to 5 months depending on the surgeons, I was able to gain a few weeks and return to the game at 100% in only 4 months!

I also appreciated the good feedback from my surgeon on the flexibility of the scar and the quality of the muscle fibers. AudioVitality’s vibrational sounds had a real impact on the tissue, and the vibrations prevented adhesions from forming during the healing process!


Meet Gaspar Martinez-Aldama

an 18-year-old decathlete: 100, 400, 1’500 meters, 110 meters hurdles, long jump, high jump, pole vault and shot put!


When I arrive at AudioVitality, it’s like my reward. I know I’ll have a good time. With my intensive daily sports training, AudioVitality really helps me recover. The sensations I experience are multiple… floating, calming, and shivering!

This technology, which is new to me, helps me to recover more quickly and efficiently. In fact, after listening to the sounds, I feel lighter and more productive. It’s an incredible feeling. But you have to experience it to understand it.


Dedicated care

AudioVitality therapists will accompany you throughout your experience. They listen to you, help you to understand the technology, prepare your body through relaxation and monitor the vitalisation of the body’s zones through the low frequency sound vibrations.

Tailor-made technology

Our sounds are personalised to your own profile: they are adapted to the different variations of vitality in your body and integrate the physical requirements of your discipline.

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