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AudioVitality is a highly innovative Swiss company that has developed a breakthrough technology during 16 years of research focused on human wellbeing.

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While the therapeutic properties of low frequencies are proven, AudioVitality patented 4D sound technology provides deep relaxation, promotes sleep, reduces stress and helps relieve tinnitus.

AudioVitality technology opens up a new dimension of wellbeing.

Dorine Rubesa

Head of Therapies, co-founder


Graduated in cognitive neuroscience and organizational development, I am passionate about human complexity and the mechanisms of adaptation to change. Offering the world a revolutionary therapeutic method such as AudioVitality and its RubesaSounds is a lifetime achievement.


Pier Rubesa

Researcher and innovator in the field of sound, co-founder


For over 40 years, I have dedicated my research to the effects of sound on the human body and mind. Avid researcher and musician, I began my career in my Toronto studio by composing music for films that amplify the emotional impact – the premise of AudioVitality today’s technology.


Falco Enzler

PhD, R&D Project Manager


Music fan, life science engineer, and PhD in auditory neuroscience, I love using my entire background to help push the boundaries of innovative sound technologies and expand our understanding of the impact of sound on the body.


Francis Degache

PhD, Head of Sports Sciences


Challenges and quest for discovery drive me to conduct ever more exciting research. My ambition is to leverage sports science to improve the performance and health of athletes through our disruptive technology supported by scientifically innovative concepts.


Monique Bitton

Psycho practitioner, sophrologist, hypnotherapist


I have been a psycho-practitioner for 20 years and am specialized in the treatment of auditory disorders. To treat tinnitus, hyperacusis and vertigo with patients of all ages (children, teenagers, adults, seniors), I founded the Pôle des Thérapies, first center in Île de France. Thanks to the close collaboration with hospital and private ENT doctors, audioprosthesists and vestibular physiotherapists, I can provide my patients with multidisciplinary support.


Meet the team!

Since its creation, and still today, the R&D team stays at the core of AudioVitality with several specialists in neuroscience, sound engineering, electronics, mechanics and CRM. This R&D journey also led AudioVitality to numerous collaborations with health professionals and elite athletes.




Today, AudioVitality represents a team of 15 people including management, therapeutic, commercial, and marketing resources. In Switzerland, AudioVitality technology is recognised by the ASCA, the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine. AudioVitality is not a medical device.

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