Sounds that act on your body

The new welltech innovation that improves your well-being through sounds – and their vibrations. Unique structured low frequency sounds that maximise your wellbeing, and your body’s.

A Swiss technology, personalised to each human being, natural and non-invasive.

Maximise your wellbeing

Sports performance and recuperation, tinnitus relief, improved wellbeing and longevity, stress reduction – AudioVitality’s specific low frequency sound vibration offers specific applications to maximise your own wellbeing with an entire new technology.

What our technology can do for you

Sports performance and recuperation

Our unique structured low frequency sounds provide deep relaxation while acting on your body activating the mental and physical components, reducing fatigue feeling, and promoting energy and motivation.

Tinnitus relief

In case of tinnitus, RubesaSounds are generated according to your own tinnitus frequency. Their neurophysiological effect helps to relieve the tinnitus perceived by the brain, especially in case of stress.

Wellbeing and longevity

Immerse yourself in a regenerative experience of deep relaxation. The non-invasive stimulation of your organs, tissues and cells in depth promotes your general wellbeing and your body’s vitality.

AudioVitality 4D sounds technology

  • Low frequency

    Specific ultra-low frequencies to provide an immersive spatial experience.

  • Continuous

    Succession of 3-minutes continuous sounds enabling neuronal action.
  • Structured

    Range of temperaments inducing mental effects from relaxation to stimulation.

  • Neuromodulated

    Targeted neuromodulation inducing improvements on sleep, stress, focus.

2 ways to get in touch with our technology

While our flagship centers offer whole body sound vibration therapy, our App & Remote Therapy offers a stress reduction and better sleep programme via an App and remote support from an AudioVitality expert.

Discover our RubesaSounds®

Our RubesaSounds are not pure sounds. They are composed of a fundamental frequency and contain specific harmonics. Their distortions are capable of creating a range of mental effects, from relaxation to stimulation.

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patented sounds

Included binaural beats

To induce particular states of mind that enhance relaxation, letting go and sleep, the continuous structured RubesaSounds compile specific binaural beats on top.

16 years

of research

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Nicolas Tesla


Don’t think music. Don’t think melody. Forget everything you think you know. Think sounds and technology. The RubesaSounds wrap you in an amazing, dense and deep spatial immersion.

Enter the AudioVitality world

Download our App, discover our remote therapy

Our neuroscience-based technology is also embedded in an App with remote coaching by an Expert. Reduce your stress or relieve your tinnitus in 3 months.

100% Swiss technology

Through innovation, AudioVitality opens up a new field of possibilities around sound vibration – malleable energy for the body and mind. Our teams of sound engineers and scientists work closely with our technology division to offer you a better quality of life – with or without tinnitus.

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