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AudioVitality sounds technology is at your fingertips to promote your wellbeing through deep relaxation. Our neuroscience-based technology embedded in an App with remote coaching by an Expert. It’s not about music, it’s about technology, personalized sounds designed to improve your vitality.

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groundbreaking technology

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With RubesaSounds, the world premiere 4D sound revolution.

Based on neuroscience, the RubesaSounds are completely unique. Highly structured and low frequency, they are designed to create a neural saturation that unlocks a physiological stimulation.

A 100% Swiss innovation, natural and non-invasive.

Live consultation with an Expert

There are hundreds of relaxation applications. But at Audiovitality, we believe that human relationships and digital technology are complementary. And that not everything can be solved digitally. That’s why our AudioVitality program includes Zoom appointments with an Expert to support you along the way.

Discover the 4 dimensions of RubesaSounds

  1. Specific low frequencies provide an immersive spatial experience.
  2. Continuous 3-minute sound sequences provide neural action.
  3. Specific range of temperaments induce mental effects ranging from relaxation to stimulation.
  4. Interference beats induce neuromodulation leading to improvements on sleep, stress, focus.


Sounds that provide
the deepest relaxation.

Relax, de-stress, improve your sleep and your vitality. Thanks to their unique technology, RubesaSounds envelop you in an amazing, dense and deep spatial immersion.

for your own relief

to your frequency.

The RubesaSounds, which are generated according to your own tinnitus frequency, have a neurophysiological effect that helps relieve tinnitus perceived by the brain, especially under stress.

Right there in your pocket

What has been improving human health for decades? Innovation. Always has. More recently, digital has greatly accelerated innovation, and mobile has accelerated its democratisation.

A new technology available with your smartphone

With your smartphone today, you’re able to know how many steps you took, your blood pressure numbers or how many hours you’ve slept! We will allow you to disconnect and take care of you. Our technology is about deep relaxation, letting go.

A key to relief

81’396 hours is the time we spend working. Sleeping is the only thing we do longer according to Gallup workplace Consulting & Global Research. So who takes care of your relief today? Do you ever manage to pull the plug?

Optimized for Sennheiser, best with Sennheiser.

Stress is undoubtedly a big challenge of our society. It causes emotional, physical, and behavioural symptoms. It can affect sleep and even contribute to tinnitus. What remedy can reduce stress? Letting go.

Start your relief!

App & Remote Therapy

…from April!

Tailor-made 3-month introductory programme for increased vitality, including stress reduction and better sleep. In case of tinnitus, optimization to help relieve.

  • Unlimited 20-minute sound sessions
  • 12x personalised sounds programs
  • 3x 30-minute Zoom sessions with an Expert
  • Objectivation included in case of tinnitus
  • Unlimited Chat support
  • Dedicated App with personal dashboard


AudioVitality is a swiss technology, not a medical device. In the case of tinnitus, the increased attention may lead to an increased sensation at the beginning of listening.

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